Our Rigorous Methodology Ensures a Roof That’s Built to Last.

Flat roof done by roofing demos montreal laval south-shore

Flat Roof Demos Roofing Inc. – Montreal, Laval, South-shore

Below are the steps we follow to ensure a job well-done and a satisfied customer:

  1. Removal of old roof until we reach the structural wood layer – many roofing companies will round corners and simply add a layer of insulation on top of old and rotten ones.
  2. Installation of 1/2 inch of insulation
  3. Installation of 4 plies of paper on the asphalt
  4. Installation of 1/4 inch of gravel
  5. New vent pipes and ventilation boxes
  6. 2 plies of paper on the parapet walls
  7. Installation of new copper drain

Our average roof is built to last you around 20 years, saving you money for repairs and renovations in the future. We specialize in flat roofs which has been our staple offering since Demos Roofing inception.

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