Why Demos Roofing?

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Demos Roofing Has Over 15 Years Of Professional Experience in Montreal, Laval and the South Shore.

We pride ourselves of being the most personal yet professional roofing company in the region of Greater Montreal. Ask our past customers and read the feedback on our testimonials page, our Facebook wall or our google business listing. Demos Roofing will do it’s absolute best to satisfy our clients needs and guarantee a roof that will last for 20 years!

We Are Generous With Our Materials To Insure Your Roof is Built to Last!

Compared to other roofing contractors in Montreal, Demos Roofing has it’s vision set on the future. We understand that our reputation is the most valuable asset a small business can have. Your roof will be redone with an extra layer of insulation that will be sufficient to withstand the hardest conditions.

We Have a Rigorous Methodology for our Roofs and We Don’t Skip Steps.

Since the beginning of our operations, clients have reported extreme satisfaction with the quality of our job. We attribute our success to a very rigorous methodology and a generous usage of required materials. Demos Roofing ensures that the newly installed roof is leak-free and completely insulated for the next 2 decades.