About Demos Roofing Inc. Montreal

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Demos Roofing Inc. Montreal

Your peace of mind is our number one priority!

Billy Demos - Founder of Demos Roofing

Demos Roofing Inc. was founded by Billy Demos in 2006 as an answer to the growing demand for quality roofing services in the greater area of Montreal.

The company employs around 7 professional roofers with licenses. Demos Roofing takes pride in it’s small structure which lets it provide a flexible, professional, high quality and personalized service to each of our clients. We make sure your needs are met and you can rest assured that your roof is being taken care of.

Our values are: Service, Punctuality, Professionalism, Honesty and Integrity. We do our best to express that in our professional conduct.

About the Owner – Billy Demos

Billy Demos was born in 1981, in Montreal to a family of Greek immigrants. He had instilled the love for hard work at a very young age, starting his independent life at the age of 21. He has been familiar with the roofing business since then, working for various companies, absorbing their strengths and learning from the weaknesses and mistakes. All this experience has led him to found his own company where he can express the quality of work he sees acceptable.

Honesty and Service Above Profits

Demos Roofing prioritizes honesty and integrity. Not every project is the same, and not every customer is the same. We do our best to meet every customer’s need. We want to make them happy and satisfied with the service even though sometimes it causes us to delay projects or incur additional material expenses.

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